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Our history was written on the open ocean in racing yachts by the spirit of uncompromising, competitive sailors who don’t give up and don’t accept anything but their best.

Mark Richards’s passion for designing, building and racing sailing yachts at sea, forged the culture that drives Palm Beach Motor Yachts and its team to build the very best pleasure boats available.  

A Palm Beach Motor Yacht is the ultimate reward. A feeling of prestige, an ownership experience without compare.

A feeling of prestige, an ownership experience without compare.

Each Palm Beach is meticulously created, modern technology and craftsmanship perfectly intertwined. Unique custom tailoring harmonises seamlessly with the personal requirements of individual owners to create a unique vessel designed to maintain its beauty and integrity for generations.
There are no compromises. Sporting character, superb engineering and build quality with impeccable style, it is the pinnacle of modern day pleasure boating.

The unique experience is designed to extend to all on board from the helmsman to the fortunate passengers. Supreme comfort and grace compliment the phenomenal performance.

When first stepping behind the wheel of a PB, one is struck by the 360 degree vision created by an expanse of glass in the saloon and uncluttered deck. The saloon is quiet due to high levels of insulation through the engine compartments, flooring and custom designed exhaust systems.

The interior decor; accented by an expanse of Burmese teak is complemented by fine leather upholstery, solid Silestone counter tops and custom carpet, all created to the highest standards. The carpet is bound and perfectly fitted to the cabin space. Underneath is a lead-insulated, carpet underlay that is not only comfy underfoot but provides additional sound resistance for the separate generator and engine compartments. Large powered windows on both sides retract to provide fresh air and come in handy during docking. Every available space is utilized for storage, including custom drawers for cutlery, dishes and glassware and state of the art entertainment components including TV and multi speaker stereo—all included as standard equipment and customised to suit each individual owner.

Palm Beach is meticulous about the design and construction of its vessels. Accordingly, each boat is superbly crafted with the latest design, technology and materials to ensure it lasts generations while maintaining its style and grace.

True quality continues to inspire, impress and give pleasure long after the transaction is forgotten.

Welcome to our beach.